About Us

What Is My Gyft?

My Gyft ( Give Your Family Treasures) is a growing company that focuses on three main services for our clients: 
• We help our clients create a special message to leave their loved ones when they have passed.
• We have our professional production team bring the clients message to life on camera
• Upon the death of our clients we fill their last wish by delivering the message as a Gyft

Story Time Template

Create a touching message by using our past and present  Story Time method. By focusing on a significant time in the past and also letting them know how you feel in your present time can give your loved ones priceless experience.

Interview Template

We have over 50 questions we have created about your family and friends. You can pick up to ten questions. A specialist will interview you on camera asking you the questions you picked.

Narrator Template

In this method we take active shots of you being full of life and being active on camera while you Narrate and tell your loved ones how happy they've made you and also leave them with your last words.

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